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Anticops: Anticops - Out in the streets LP Anticops: Anticops - Out in the streets LP
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Berlin Hardcore 2009: Return of the Aggro-Berserker! Berlin's most aggressive Old School Hatebrigade a.k.a. Anticops with their fourth Longplayer. "Out of the streets" contains mostly brutal cover versions with guest appearances, so we have "Attitude" (Misfits), "Gewalt" (Troopers), "Roots" (Payback), "Drunk at the YOT reunion" (Slumlords) etc. The guest list feat. Candace (Walls of Jericho), Bryan (Death before dishonour), Atze (Troopers), Bud (Settle the Score) etc. 11 tracks, hard as nails and heavy as hell! The new brute sound track for the violent streets of Berlin. Limited vinyl version of 250 one-sided copies w/ silkscreened flipside

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