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Formed in mid 2007 Concrete Icon‘s influences can be found from the vicious heaviness of US death metal and dark
melodic atmosphere of european counterparts. After a demo „Flood Of Darkneded Thoughts“2008 and a split 2010
the band became 4 piece and reworked vocals for the split session songs resulting second demo titled „Desecrating
The Throne“ 2010. After demo band signed to Throne Records from Spain and released their first EP titled „Where
The Horns Reign“ in 2012. After some line-up changes band teamed up with Swedish Black Vulture records for their
debut full length album „Perennial Anguish“ 2013 and live in studio re-recording compilation „Through Agonizing
Past“ 2015 which saw the band adding second vocalist to bring back the dual vocal assault of the demo days.
The band took some time off from activity from summer 2016 to mid 2017 when they decided to regroup with their
4 piece line-up. New material started coming together quickly and the band was back stronger than ever now
resulting in second full length album titled „Rancid Harmony“ out on Klabautermann Records late 2019


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